How Does It Work

YES Rewardz is an exclusive loyalty program initiated by YES BANK for its valued customers. The program aims to reward YES BANK customers with YES Points which can be accumulated through payments made through YES BANK Debit Card, NetBanking, MobileBanking, Current/ Savings accounts and ATM.

Customers can redeem your YES Points against exciting merchandise from our Rewardz catalogue


With YES Rewardz, you will now earn YES Points by payments made through YES BANK Debit Card, NetBanking, MobileBanking, Current/ Savings accounts and ATM

Now, get rewarded even MORE by using additional services offered by YES BANK:

  • NetBanking Activation
  • MONEY MONITOR Registration
  • E-Statement Request
  • Recurring Deposit Booking above Rs. 1000. (On booking only, once in a month.)
  • Auto Bill Payer Registration
  • Ecommerce Transactions on NetBanking
  • Electronic Funds Transfer through NetBanking
  • MobileBanking Registration
  • Mobile Funds Transfer/Bill Payment/ Merchant Transaction
  • Using YES BANK ATMs
  • Group Saving Accounts/ Adding family members on Group Savings Account
  • Regular Salary Credit
  • Debit Card Upgrade
  • International Debit Card Transactions
  • Lockers

Point Earning




Terms & Conditions

Effective from

Activate Retail NetBanking For first time login only 100 Points for first time login only

Points earned only once

MONEY MONITOR Registration For paid subscription only
100 Points on debit of subscription charges

Points earned only once

Set/Register Auto Pay for Bill Payment On successful Bill Payment through Auto Pay mode from YBL Savings Account against each Registered Biller 50 Point for every Biller Registration

Points earned only once
per biller

Booking of Recurring Deposit / Goal Based Savings Minimum transaction value >= Rs. 1000 25 Points on successful installment debit of first RD booked in a month

25 points in a month

eStatement Registration First time registration by primary customers 50 Points on registration

Points earned only once

Shop online with Retail NetBanking Minimum transaction value >= Rs. 200 a) 5 Points for every txn between Rs. 200/- to <1000/-
b) 10 Points for every txn with >=1000/-

Max 100 points in a month

Activate Debit Cards For first time Debit Card activation on POS/Ecom 50 Points for first time activation

Points earned only once


Debit Card

Every Payment/ Transaction online or offline 1 Point/Rs. 200 Aug’14
All international successful transactions 4X Points (4 Points/Rs. 200) International In-store /ATM/Ecom transaction May’16
Upgrade/issuance of Platinum Debit card. 500 Points Applicable on select product codes May’16

Mobile Banking

Registration 100 Points per Customer Points earned only once for single customer May’16
Funds Transfer(IMPS/NEFT) 50 Points/Transaction All transaction value above Rs 5000 May’16
Merchant transaction 25 Points/Transaction Transaction above Rs. 250. Max 100 points a month May’16
Bill Payment 10 Points/Bill payment 10 points per transaction. No Max cap May’16



First Time Login 100 Points Aug’14
Money Monitor Registration 100 Points First Time Only Aug’14
Registration for E-statement 50 Points Aug’14
Recurring Deposit 25 Points First Recurring Deposit every month Aug’14
Auto Bill Pay Registration 50 Points First Time Only Aug’14
E-Commerce Transaction
  • 5 Points for every transaction between Rs. 200 – Rs. 1000
  • 10 Points for every Transaction >=Rs. 1000
Standing Instruction set NEFT

(50 points on first execution post set up)

50 Points/Transaction Minimum Standing Instruction value of Rs. 1000 and above. Available on Maximum 3 SI to different beneficiaries May’16
Net Banking transactions 100 Points On completing any three successful financial transactions from below:
  • NEFT
  • RTGS
  • IMPS
  • Tax Payment

ATM YES BANK ATM transactions 20 Points 20 points per transaction will be awarded to all YES BANK ATM transactions beyond 3, Upto 5 and no non YES BANK ATM transaction for the month May’16

Savings Account Program

Opening of new Family/ Group Savings Account 750 Points 750 Points for the main account May’16
Addition of members to family grouping 100 Points 100 for each additional a/c May’16
Salary Credit 100 Points 100 Points/quarter for salary credit every month for 3 consecutive months in a calendar quarter July’16
Annual rent payment for Lockers For every time rent is recovered 100 Points per instance Points earned every year September’16

Accelerate Rewards Points

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The YES Points that you accumulate can be redeemed against a plethora of exciting rewards of your choice.

Choose from

So go ahead and earn your YES Points, by simply banking with YES BANK.

For More Information on the Program, please refer to FAQs.